Choosing a great legal recruiter in Toronto can be challenging, but is essential to getting the right position. With some research and a dash of luck you can be one step closer to a rewarding career in the legal profession or finding the right candidate.


While it is not absolutely necessary for your legal recruiter to have a law degree, it is advisable to find one who is an experienced lawyer or has a legal background.

Your legal recruiter should have over ten years of legal recruitment experience under their belt, an excellent reputation, and multiple connections in Toronto or nationally.

The advantage of choosing a legal recruiter who is an experienced lawyer is that the recruiter will have good connections in the legal industry. Inevitably through law school, articling and work experience, the legal recruiter will have links to many lawyers, Managing Partners, other partners, General Counsel and Human Resources Personnel.

Legal recruiters often begin their careers as lawyers practicing law for firms of various sizes as well as in-house lawyers. Throughout their careers, they collect a vast amount of experience that they can use to help job seekers, law firms and companies. The difference between finding a great legal recruiter and an average one is that the legal recruiter with a lot of experience will help you avoid those common mistakes every new applicant and employer makes. The job search should be seamless and smooth.

The experienced legal recruiter will also have a feel for the industry and how it operates due to the years of work they have put into the profession. They will know exactly what the law firm needs because legal recruiters understand the legal landscape and the high standard law firms wish to maintain. A novice recruiter would not have such know-how.


A legal recruiter who actually runs the legal recruitment agency you’re dealing with is the best person to deal with as he or she would have the requisite entrepreneurial spirit and acumen to achieve the best results.

Legal recruiters often have to work around the clock to find that perfect position or candidate for you. Stamina and personal commitment, together with law firm and in-house experience, are the keys to your success.

A legal recruiter must be very creative, quick and responsive when it comes to getting a law firm interested in a candidate. If the legal recruiter is calling you over a long weekend or on a Thursday evening, and responding to you promptly, you can be certain that they are prioritizing your search.


Your legal recruiter should have a law degree(in addition to law firm and in-house experience). A law degree and legal experience gives them the know-how to relate to law job seekers and employers alike.

Your recruiter should have plenty of experience in many different fields of law.


Your legal recruiter should have a wide network.

If your legal recruiter has gone through the appropriate schooling, has worked as a legal professional for a number of years for large law firms, and has been well regarded throughout their career, it is almost guaranteed that they will have accumulated many contacts in the industry.

But it is also important to find out whether your legal recruiter also participates in the legal profession via membership with legal associations or by attending networking events and seminars. If you have an opportunity, be sure to ask. 

Different associations and networking events allow your recruiter to meet new faces and make new contacts.


A legal recruiter should be trustworthy. This may seem like an obvious piece of advice, but it is a necessary one.

If you cannot trust the person you are working with, you cannot trust that they will present you in the best possible light.

The experienced lawyer and legal recruiter will know how to better handle your search.

When you do get that interview, you want to be well prepared. An experienced legal recruiter has been there before, and can prepare you for interviews and interview questions.

Your legal recruiter should go through all the potential questions the firm or company representatives may ask. You should also have some background information on your interviewers. Checking the firm’s home page and profiles, as well as LinkedIn profiles of the interviewers, is advisable. Your legal recruiter should help you with all of this and give you other information that will assist you.

Finally, a good recruiter should be able to connect you to positions that are not being advertised on the market. If you have come across such a recruiter, hold on to that relationship throughout your legal career.

Such a legal recruiter has definitely made some great connections in the legal industry and has gained the trust of law firms and Legal Departments.


Another benefit of seeking out a legal recruiter is that they can make suggestions to improve your resume and other interactions with potential employers.

Legal recruiters can firms and companies seeking legal talent because recruiters have access to a wide pool of talented candidates.


Regardless of your level of experience you should always stay on a trusted recruiter’s radar.

Developing a good relationship with a recruiter you really trust is a key to learning about new, current or future opportunities.

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